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Ali Nouyan

Game Developer/
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About Me

I’m a highly motivated graduate looking to become a game developer. I've studied independent games production at university and graduated with a first class honours degree.
I enjoy game development because to me, the feeling of working hard on a project and seeing all the pieces all come together is so rewarding. From designing a game to developing it and finally playing it.
My goals within the industry are to become a programmer and/or designer. I enjoy problem solving and the mental stimulation that comes with programming.
Designing games is a huge passion of mine and I dream to one day have the opportunity to release a game designed by me to a large audience. I will work hard and strive to make this dream a reality for myself.


Bucks New University
2016 - 2019
Indie Games Production (First Class Honours)
I'm on an indie games course as I wasn't sure exactly what field of game development I wanted to get into. I was attracted to this course as it taught me the whole process of creating a game from start to finish. I studied and worked on Unity and C#. I also used 3DS Max for modeling and animation. I had a business startup and marketing module that taught me the business side of the industry. I wrote a number of design documents, development plans, art style guides, and other documents. Since I had the majority of the programming work load, I've got experience in audio programming, UI programming, gameplay programming and more.
Portsmouth College
2014 - 2016
BTEC Creative Media (Distinction Star)
This was the game dvelopment course my college had. In my 2 years here, I learned the basics and foundation of creating and designing a game. Some skills I learned here include pre-production planning, creating concept documents to industry standard, level design in Unreal Engine (although I have since swapped to Unity.)

My Skills

  • Unity3D & 2D
  • Basic Unreal Engine
  • 3DSMax
  • Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel etc.)
  • Basic Sony Vegas Pro
  • C#
  • Basic Cg
  • Basic C++
  • Basic UE Blueprints
Field (Programming)
  • Gameplay
  • UI
  • AI
  • Audio
  • Basic Shaders
  • Brains Eden 2018 GameJam
  • 3 Years University
  • 2 Years College

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