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AI Shooter

This project was a little demo for me to practice and show off the AI programming skills that I had learned during the AI module.

I decided to keep the art and everything else for this game very basic and solely focus on the AI aspect. That being said I understand that visual and sound cues will result in a more engaging demo/gameplay experience but like I said, I decided to ignore all that and focus on solely how the AI works.

For the development of this demo, there were a couple techniques that I was required to use. These being an FSM (Finite-State Machine) and also Fuzzy Logic. In the demo, there are four enemies that the player must defeat. Each of these AI enemies have their own unique behaviours and will react differently to the player, environment and each other. Similar to the ghosts in Pac-Man which inspired this idea.

Whilst designing the enemy, I wanted all the enemies to have similar attacks and movement but for the conditions to be different. For example, all of the enemies attacks are dash attacks but the conditions to get them to attack are different.

Below I will insert my write up/document for this project which explains what each enemy does and how they work in detail. The screenshots don't really explain what's going on.

All the coding and assets of this game were done by me.

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