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Small Village & Blacksmith

I created this small village for my advanced scripting second-year university assignment.

The models for everything in this scene was all imported from the unity marketplace but all the environment design/layout and programming were done by me. Basic fire particle system was created by me in Unity. Basic UI was created and programmed by me.

The idea for this was for the player to walk around the small village, pick up the gold by interacting with the coin bags that are scattered throughout the map. The player could then use the gold to buy a sword and shield for 3 gold coins each from the blacksmith which he will the equip.

- 2 Scenes, 1 indoors and 1 outdoors

     - Animation when switching between scenes

- Find a key to steal a gold bag from a chest

- Invisible floor leads to another gold bag

- Health system

     - Damage indicators, higher opacity if you have less health

     - Death screen if you lose all health

- Fireplace

     - Made using a particle system

     - Flickering lights

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