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Race, Paper, Scissors

Race, Paper, Scissors is a small game I created with three others. We created this game for the Brains Eden 2018 Game Jam, the theme for this year was unreliable. The idea of the game is the players take turns choosing the car body parts but each colour car part is randomly assigned a rock, paper or scissors state. They are basically playing three blind games of rock, paper, scissors. Once all the parts get picked, the players will see what states the parts they chose had and who won each game. This matches the theme as each car part is unreliable and the player doesn't know what they will be getting.

The winning player will get a big upgrade to their car part.

The losing player will get a small upgrade to their car part.

Once this is over, they will load into another scene and race.

I haven't included the racing part of the game and only included this car select section as this is the part I created in the two days and don't want there to be any confusion. All programming in the video above was done by me, pulsing, rotating, camera rotation, cars changing colours to their respected parts, a lot of stat calculations and more.

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