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Kingdom Wars

This is the demo for the game Kingdom Wars.


This is a strategy board game where each player starts with 7 unique troops, both players take turns placing a troop on the board. The order they choose to place their troops onto the board is the order they will be able to play those troops in. Once all troops are on the board they will have 9 total troops as each player gets 3 pawns. Each troop has their own movement, health, attack damage and attack range stats. They also have their own unqiue abilities;

Pawn: if 1 or more alive, queen cannot be targetted

Archer: large arrack range but can hit enemy anywhere between 0 - 3 hearts; the closer the enemy is, the higher the chance of him dealing more damage

Knight: large movement range, small attack range; when being attacked, chance to block

Mage: can attack anyone directly in front or to his hide, no matter how far away they are; can teleport outside his move range but cant attack that turn

Tank: high health; can protect any troop by swapping positions with them if they are being attacked

Priest: instead of attacking, she can heal any troop in range; once per game she can revive one troop

Queen: If she dies then game over; once every 5 turns she can spawn a pawn


I created this demo with two of my course mates. One  modelled/animated the characters & made the UI sprites, the other created the environment, lightning and mouse particle effects.

My Role;

Designed most of the game. The mechanics, stats, gameplay, UI and more.

All programming and implementation e.g animation controller, UI, gameplay.

Particle effects e.g floor tiles, mage attack, priest heal, tank smoke swap.

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