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The Nexus Research Facility

The Nexus Research Facility is a puzzle game demo I created with one other member of my class. This was for our indie team project in the second year.

This game is inspired by q.u.b.e. and portal, it is a sci-fi puzzle game. The player seems to be a test subject, you are told you are being watched and to obey the rules but its only normal you want to know what's going on, right? The player will have a number of abilities/powers he will have to use to solve the puzzles and continue through the environment. To activate these abilities he's required to find their corresponding power-up pickups.

Game narrative & mechanics designed my me.

I did all of the programming and implementation for this game.

The animations were done in Unity by me.

Voice overs written, recorded, and implemented by me.

Levels/puzzles designed and created in unity by me.

Ultimately, the other member of my group only did the modelling.


Game mechanics include;

     - Telekinesis; the player control, throw, freeze certain objects with his mind, powerups required to lift heavier objects

     - Double Jump; the player can jump twice, the ability is activated and suppressed throughout the levels

     - Teleportation; teleport x units in front of you, the ability is activated and suppressed throughout the levels

     - Rule Breaking; if the player is out of sight of a camera or breaks one they can break rules without any consequences

     - Hazards; ways a player can die and fail a puzzle e.g. traps, fall damage

     - Hold space to jump higher

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