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Warehouse Madness

Warehouse Madness is a small mobile game I created for my mobile game development module. I used Unity2D for the creation of this project. Game was heavily inspired by Bomberman.

All the artwork/sprites/animations and programming was done by me. Sound effects were imported from sound libraries but programmed into the game by me.

The idea of the game is to destroy the crates to free up the arena, pick up powerups and explode your enemy whilst staying safe.

- Interactive start screen

     - Teaches the player some basic mechanics before even starting the game

- 3 unique crate types

     - Standard crate; destroyed with one bomb explosion

     - Iron crate; destroyed after two bomb explosions

     - TNT crate; destroyed after one bomb explosion, drops a live bomb when destroyed

- 3 power-ups; set chance of dropping

     - Speed; allows whoever picks it up to move faster

     - Bomb Strength; increases the blast radius of whoever picks up the powerup

     - Bomb Plus one; whoever picks it up gets an extra bomb before having to replenish

- Player has to replenish his bombs at spawn after placing all his bombs

- Movement, Bomb and Explosion animations

- Enemy AI

     - Unfinished due to lack of time; first ever attempt at AI

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